I recently gave a presentation to Arsenal FC (1st team squad) on the prevention of hamstring injuries. Hamstring injuries are the most common injury in numerous sports such as football, rugby and athletics. My view through working with elite athletes over the past 20 years is that these areas are crucial in preventing hamstring injury: Hamstring Strength Trunk and Pelvic Stability Biomechanics This must be achieved in an integrated way so that the athlete, the coaches and the support staff are working together in an effective manner. You can download my presentation here: Preventing hamstring injuries – Arsenal FC

Kirk Russell Physiotherapy will be opening a clinic at King Edward’s School every Tuesday in January 2014 as part of an initiative to provide Physiotherapy onsite, but also working with various sports to incorporate injury prevention strategies. To launch this initiative I recently presented a talk on Sports Medicine in the Young Athlete to pupils, teachers and parents. The presentation focused on preventing injury in the young athlete by managing their activity workload through an integrated approach based on the principles of Long Term Athletic Development. The key points highlighted never ignore pain in the young athlete, seek early treatment and management and lastly, a plan of action is well communicated between all involved which includes the athlete themselves, the parents and the coaches, whether in the school or elsewhere. You can download my presentation here: Sports medicine in the Young Athlete

In October, I was invited to present in London on the “The Overhead Athlete” as part of  a ‘Masterclass series in Osteopathic Sports Medicine’  run by OSCA (the Osteopathic Sports Care Association). My presentation focused on the physiotherapy treatment of overhead athletes in relation to throwing in cricketers, based on my experience and knowledge gained as Physio with the England Cricket team over ten years. As a physiotherapist, injury prevention is key, and therefore its important to assess and treat the whole body, as any sporting movement is about using the entire body. You can download my presentation here: Kirk-Russell-Physio-Throwing-Shoulder-Presentation