feature1_physioI strongly believe in getting to the root cause of your problems as well as treating your immediate symptoms, with a treatment program unique to you. I also believe that prevention is better than a cure. I don’t want to just offer a reactive service but provide you with the tools to prevent any problems reoccurring.

So whether you have common back pain, a sports injury, work-related aches or recovering from an accident or surgery, I aim to help you recover and restore your quality of life.

At Monkton Combe Leisure Sports Club I have access to a new fully equipped gym including treadmills & free weights, a 25 metre indoor swimming pool & a dance studio as well as grounds outside to provide fantastic facilities to implement & demonstrate a specific functional exercise program.


If you are recovering from an operation or suffering from back pain, neck pain or any other kind of niggle, physiotherapy can help reduce pain, stiffness or tightness to prevent future problems. Treatment can include a wide range of modalities such as manual therapy, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, postural advice and prescriptive exercises to enhance flexibility, mobility and strength.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries are my speciality. Whether you’re an amateur or a top professional, I will treat you like an elite athlete and use my wealth of experience to aid recovery, improve performance and help prevent a recurrence of the problem. I will be able to develop a programme specific to you and your sport to enable you return to your sport effectively.

Sports Massage

A key component for not only sports people, pre and post training / event, but for anyone wishing a deeper soft tissue massage to relieve tension or for those post injury, to help your soft tissue recover effectively. Dry needling using acupuncture needles is also an effective way of helping your soft tissue recover.

Back & Neck Pain

Whether caused by lifting, repetitive movements or poor posture at work, at home or in the car, I can help with any work related conditions and offer advice to help prevent them in the future.

Sports Assessments (Cycling & Running)

Whether you are a regular cyclist / runner who is experiencing niggles or about to start as a way of getting fit or preparing for a charity event and want to avoid injury, then a sports specific assessment can help you. By analysing your biomechanics and testing your strength and flexibility using a screening assessment, I will be able to give you a specific programme and advice on promoting performance and preventing injury.