05 Jun 2015

I have been with Kirk over a year or so now, after receiving treatment on numerous injuries I feel in great condition. His knowledge and experience has helped me get through my injuries giving me a great deal of confidence, creating a thorough personal programme aiming to eliminate the affect area reoccurring again.

I think what is the most important part, is the personal contact and Kirk is a great peoples person, easy to talk about the injury over the phone and access whether its on mobile or email. Kirk’s analysis of the injury is also in great detail, which for me is always pleasing to know that you are going to get great service every single time you visit, it is very affordable and convenient, and even if its a complex injury he helps simplify what needs to be achieved.

I now feel better for my sport knowing I’m injury free, but also knowing Kirk is always on the other line if there are any issues or problems and, interested to see your progression whether its your first visit or your last, therefore like I said before you can’t beat that personal touch and for me thats what makes his services so unique to any other physio, If i was to recommend a physiotherapist in around the bath area to anyone, then this is top of the list by a long way!!

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