Post-Op Testimonial

04 Feb 2014

Kirk cared for me post operatively after surgery to help manage my symptoms of bilateral knee osteoarthritis. At the end of six NHS consultations and physiotherapy with Kirk this is what I consistently felt:

  • I understood the regime I needed to follow to improve my well being
  • Kirk was genuinely interested in me, and took time to understand my situation
  • He asked questions to further his understanding of my problems
  • I felt he always looked to go beyond the minimum he needed to do
  • He was compassionate and has a gift at putting you at ease
  • Kirk undertakes physical assessments and records his findings
  • I felt motivated to complete my regime to show improvement for the next consultation
  • He tries different things to see if they help
  • I never felt rushed
  • He has courage to suggest what the patient might not want to hear – for me at 56: a stick.
  • It felt the same seeing him in the evening as in the morning, after he had already seen many patients
  • I returned to him privately because I trust his judgement

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